Uptime: 7h 23m
Players: 1


Every 1 hour this system gives randomly a gift to 1 player online.
    Possible Rewards:
  • 10 crystal coins
  • 10 gold tokens
  • Stamina Refill
  • Experience Card

Auto Loot
  • !autoloot add, name or item id
    Add item to the list
    EXAMPLE: !autoloot add, gold coin

  • !autoloot remove, name or item id
    Remove item from the list
    EXAMPLE: !autoloot remove, gold coin

  • !autoloot show
    It shows your current Auto Loot list

  • !autoloot clear
    It clear your current Auto Loot list

  • Max items in autoloot: 10

  • Items box - Gives you a random item from all store items.
  • Mounts box - Gives you a random mount that you dont own.
  • Addons box - Gives you a random first or second addon that you dont own.

  • How can You get them:
  • You can purchase them directly in our web store.
  • You can get them in-game: fight our custom bosses and loot them.
    With a little luck you will earn them from Lottery or Daily Rewards Quest.
  • Change gold tokens for boxes by speaking with our NPC Boxes Seller

  • Possibility to buy an experience card increasing your EXP by 30% for 12 hours.
  • You get acces to new spawns.
  • You can trade cheapper gold tokens for boxes.
  • Potions cost is cheapper.
  • 20% more experience.

Upgrading Items
You can upgrade items with Upgrade Crystals ().
The maximal upgrade is +9. The upgrading can fail and it removes -1.
If you have already +7 or plus and if it fails your item is reseted to 0.
It works only on these attributes: attack / defense / armor / hit chance / shoot range.

Client:10.97 - 10.99
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